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You will hear a radio discussion on the subject of dictionaries.
For questions 18-22, choose the answer (A, B, C or D)
which fits best according to what you hear.

You now have one minute in which to look at Part Three.

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18 Elaine says she is under pressure at work as a result of

A the growth of the market.

B the quality of the competition.

C the demand for greater profits.

D the need to manage resources.

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19 Elaine decides to include a word in her dictionaries after checking

A how it is used in the press.

B whether it is on the database.

C what her researchers think of it.

D whether its use is widespread.

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20 According to Elaine, in which area of her work has new technology had the greatest impact?

A the accuracy of the entries

B the speed of the research

C the reliability of the data

D the quality of the language

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21 According to Tony, what may influence a dictionary compiler's decision to include a particular term?

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A technical experience

B reading habits

C personal interests

D objective research

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22 According to Elaine, what prevents dictionary compilers from inventing words themselves?

A respect for their colleagues

B lack of inspiration

C fear of criticism

D pride in their work

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INTERVIEWER: The creation of dictionaries used to be a slow and genteel process.

But these days, dictionaries seem to be subject to the same pressures as any other book.

I'm joined by Dr Elaine Wilson, Publishing Manager for the New London Dictionary,

and Tony Travis, who's a professional dictionary compiler, otherwise known as a 'lexicographer'.

Elaine, do you agree that competitive pressure is now there in dictionaries?

ELAINE: I think it's true generally.
There's an enormous market for dictionaries overseas now, for example.
And I feel under a lot of pressure from management.
We have to maximise the income that we make from dictionaries
and of course the way to do that is to keep them as up-to-date as possible.

INTERVIEWER: And how are the decisions made?

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ELAINE: There's a rigorous system for assessing
whether a new word should go in the dictionary.
We have a team of readers who go through material for us and provide us with examples.
This gives us a big database.
We then look at any potential new entries
and what we're looking for is the frequency and breadth of use,

breadth – ширина, широта, несдержанность, вольность, свобода (в разговоре, поведении)

too much breadth in his behaviour — он слишком много себе позволяет

so we want to see that a word's being used by more than one journalist, commentator, writer or speaker.
And we're also looking for use in more than one level of media.

INTERVIEWER: Tony, people say anecdotally
that the influence of America is very strong
because of television programmes, movies, the Internet.
Do we see that also in dictionaries?

TONY: Oh yes. The American domination of the media still means
that a lot of the new words come from the United States.
But there is a fight-back.
There's a lot more Australian, Caribbean, Northern English
coming into the language, mainly through slang.

INTERVIEWER: Elaine, we talked about the Internet and new technology.
It must make it easier to track a word.

ELAINE: Yes, it does.
Much of the data-gathering that our various teams do
in order to authenticate a new word or usage
has been accelerated.
It's also improved the compiling process
because all the stages are done electronically
and equipment will continue developing over the next decade or so.

INTERVIEWER: Does it worry you, Tony, this competitive pressure?

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TONY: Oh yes, and in fact I must be clear about this - this is not a totally objective profession.

I mean, it's very interesting if you look at these new dictionaries;

there are very few technical terms relating to farming, climbing, and fishing, for example,

but there are a huge number relating to alternative medicine, the theatre and journalism.

I think this says something about where the lexicographers are coming from.

INTERVIEWER: Very briefly, both of you, doctors have this mania for finding a new disease. Do you ... is it tempting to invent a word yourself to go into the dictionary? Tony?

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TONY: Ah, I've been told that most lexicographers slip in at least one invention just ...

INTERVIEWER: Do you have to watch your staff on this?

ELAINE: No, no, we never slip in our own invented words.

slip in - вставлять в разговор, упоминать как бы к случаю

he liked, very casually, to slip in references to the important work he was doing —

он любил мимоходом упомянуть о своей важной работе

That would go against everything we stand for.

he always stood for liberty — он всегда защищал /стоял за/ свободу

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Anyway, we have our work cut out capturing all the genuine new words without trying to invent others!

INTERVIEWER: All right, we believe you! Elaine Wilson and Tony Travis, thank you.

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